The Institute for Health Behavioral Research ( IHBR ) is one of the sixth Institute which together form the National Institute of Health ( NIH ) Ministry of Health, Malaysia. The Institute is also under the arm of the administration of the Research and Technical Support Programme of the Ministry of Health. IHBR was formerly known as the Institute For Health Promotion ( IHP ). However, for a better understanding of the Institute by the stakeholders, the Ministry of Health has decided to change the name of the Institute for Health Promotion to the Institute for Health Behavioural Research. The main function of the Institute is to carry out research in the field of health behavioural, training as well as consultancy in the field of health promotion, health communication and risk communication.

In line with the 9th Malaysian Plan, the Institute has also conducted collaborative research with various agencies. At the same time the Institute has continued with its current programme in training and consultancy.

Although the Institute was temporarily without a director, it gained its momentum with the appointment of Mr.Thavaraj Subramaniam as the new director in Disember 2005. The Institute continues to grow with the combination of research, training and consultancy which were the pillars of strength of the Health Education Division in the Institute for Public Health. The additional roles should ensure the creation of a generation of outstanding Information Officers. At the same time, behavioural research which is evidence-based continues to contribute to the programmes of Ministry Of Health to enhance its efforts to improve health care delivery.

IHBR has also endeavors to upgrade itself to achieve a higher benchmark by ensuring that the staff of the Institute are able to deliver their roles and functions at an optimal level. In line with the current and future needs, the Institute also plans to build a modern building, well equipped with technology instruments and facilities to boots its functions and to meet the demands of its stakeholders.